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LoRaWAN™ 868 MHz, GWFcoder® Radio module


Mobile Auslesung Funkauslesung GW Fcoder RCM LRW10

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Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN)



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Smart City

Smart Building

Your benefits

  • Backwards compatible:
    No meter change required when migrating water and gas meters with GWFcoder® interface into a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN)
  • Performance driven design:
    Range up to several km
  • Plug & Play:
    Easy and fast on-site installation with auto interface-detection and activation in LoRaWAN (no programming required)
  • LoRa Alliance Certified:
    Interoperable with different LoRaWAN network providers
  • Integrated monitoring of connectivity and reconnecting mechanisms:
    Robust operation with automatic repair options, e.g. with gateway failures
  • Custom-tailored RF Mode:
    Up to 15 years battery lifetime


  • Simple readout of water and gas meters with GWFcoder® registers without necessity to access buildings
  • Migration of installed meters with GWFcoder® registers to a smart metering system via LoRaWAN
  • Energy monitoring, energy reporting and consumption accounting with the GWF MEA cloud solution
  • Integration of water and gas meters with GWFcoder® registers in smart city projects
Mobile Auslesung Funkauslesung GW Fcoder RCM LRW10


  • Battery powered, LoRaWAN radio module
  • Radio transmission in license free 868 MHz frequency band
  • Water proof design for pit installations (protection class IP68)
  • Transmission of latest register value and further information
  • For all meter types with GWFcoder® / GWFcoder® MP register with SCR(IEC) or ECO interface (gas / water, domestic and industrial meters)
  • Split-connection (cable) to the meter – remote installation
  • Data transmission in accordance with LoRaWAN specification
  • Data security via AES-128-bit end-to-end encryption over 2 independent security layers
  • ADR (adaptive data rate) support gives higher transmission intervals with consistent battery life
  • Real-time clock synchronization with the LoRaWAN-Network (Radio module version ≥1.4.0 and acc. LoRaWAN spec. ≥1.0.3 – DeviceTimeReq)
  • Infrared configuration interface
  • Approval


Configuration 1: Fixed transmission interval Configuration 2: Dynamic transmission interval
Transmission interval daily Up to 15 min., depending on meter interface and LoRaWAN network quality
Configurable parameters
Configuration (fixed or dynamic transmission interval)
Warnings, all enabled or all disabled (Radio module version ≥1.4.0): – Continuous flow / Leak1) (only medium water) – Backflow1) (has to be reset on site) – Pipe burst1) (meter size has to be configured on site) – No usage over a period of 30 days

1) Available for GWFcoder® registers with ECO or SCR+ interface

Dimension Diagram

RCM Lo Ra WAN E Pd40261 2 Skizze

Radio-Start behaviour

3 minutes after the connection of the GWFcoder®-meter

Technical data

Specifications Radio module RCM®-LRW10
Meter interface Meter with GWFcoder® or GWFcoder® MP register with SCR(IEC) or ECO interface
Frequency band 868 MHz (EU)
Transfer protocol GWF specific
Radiated power max. 14 dBm (25 mW)
LoRaWAN class A
Activation type OTAA
Range Up to 15 km (depending on environment)
Compliance with standard EN 300 220
Certifications LoRa Alliance CertifiedTM (V1.0.1)
Protection class IP68
Cable length Standard 1,4 m
Cable extension max. 25 m
Weight approx. 300 g
Power supply
Battery 2 x Lithium 3,6 V (not replacable)
Typical battery lifetime Up to 15 years (depending on environment and configuration conditions)
Ambient conditions
Operational temperature -15 to +55 °C
Storage temperature -15 to +55 °C
Relative humidity 0 to 100% (submersible)
Information data package Data (example) MTKcoder® MP
DevEUI RCM®-LRW10 70B3D538700000AB
Meter manufacturer1) GWF
Medium1) Water
Meter number1) 18215678
Absolute meter reading1) (up to 15 min. values) 359,768 m3
Remaining battery life Semester
Warnings Battery, LoRaWANTM link error, continuous flow, backflow, pipe burst, no usage
Status1) Manipulation

1) This data is read directly from the GWFcoder® register

Dynamic transmission interval
SF7 15 minutes, 60 minutes or daily
SF8 - SF11 60 minutes or daily
SF12 Daily


Last updated: 27.05.2024
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